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Applied Strength & Conditioning.

Who We Are

Applied Strength & Conditioning was founded in May of 2009. Originally opening our doors as an affiliate gym we shortly transitioned away from that chapter, noting a serious need for a strength component to our training… This realization began our journey into strength training following the methods created by Westside Barbell.

After attending a seminar at Westside, ASC began operating individual and group training following the Westside Methods and the Conjugate System. After a couple of years of work we ended up on the radar of Tom Barry and Louie Simmons, and were invited back to Westside for a day of training.

Fast forward several years, and ASC earned the title of a Westside Certified Gym, one of only 13 in the world when that program was alive, and Jason (the owner) has worked for Westside in numerous rolls for over seven years, currently working as an Expert Strength Coach and member of the coveted Westside Barbell Seminar Staff, as well as Director of the Westside Tactical Training Program.

ASC, as we cross into our tenth year of business, is proof that a person can run a business the right way, and make something out of it!

We are stocked wall to wall with absolutely everything a human being could need to get stronger, ranging from patented machines and specialty bars to a full suite of strongman and conditioning equipment. More important than our equipment is the environment our amazing membership has created. There is an obligation to train hard here, but no ego… the training is serious and purpose driven, the quality of which is trumped only by the quality of our members.

ASC is not for everyone, we like it that way. Everyone is welcome, but only few will stay on board as a full member- we are thankful for each.

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Hours of Operation:

How It Works

ASC functions as an open gym, there are no formal classes or check in times… We are tribe of about 5 dozen training partners that coach each others in all areas of strength and conditioning. You are welcome to follow our programming, or train as you see fit on our extensive arsenal of unique equipment in a group setting or as an individual. If you like the energy of a full and busy gym we recommend arriving at 530am, 845am, 430pm, or 515pm.

If you like your space come in at any times during our open hours.